Jackie’s Strength

This is a post made by Jackie not long before her passing when she could not go up the stairs to the computer:

Hey Attitude Central!
I got up and said I WILL make it up those confounded stairs to be with my friends! (All of YOU!) I found my smile, and my sense of humour where I had dropped it by my computer chair!
Most of all I found everything I cherish when I logged in here! Thank you ALL! ~ ….yeah, life’s been rough this summer, but what I need is a good kick to help me fight the pain and the feeling that life as I know it is getting shorter.
THIS IS not a pity party, just need some attitude boost to help me through!
This is the one place I KNOW can provide that! I got positive rock n roll playing, and I’m moving to the beat! Someone dance with me!-
~ snowdaughter

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